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High And Standard Resolution LED Signs

Digital signs have undergone a revolution in the past decade. Issues of cost, reliability and durability, as well as ease of use, have all come a long way.

Up close and personal LED signs look great with sharp images where tight pixels give amazing graphic and content. Stores, churches and schools are using high-resolution digital signs with increasing frequency now to take advantage of close-range viewing. If space is tight because of traffic conditions, city ordinances or any other reason, consider a small, yet vivid high resolution LED Sign.

If viewers are far away then standard resolution LED signs give you a great way for your business to make bigger images and call attention to your location and message. Tall buildings or locations that demand the image be far back from traffic are where standard resolution LED signs shine while still looking great. Digital billboards, signs that face Interstate traffic moving quickly, are common places where these signs are popular.

CorPro Signs of Rockford LED signs are of the highest quality, and we work with you to ensure we’re part of your digital marketing team. Call us today at 815 633-1201 to discuss ways to make maximum impact for the best price. Let’s discuss how you can use your digital sign most effectively as well because programming software and options have evolved so they’re more user-friendly while being incredibly powerful.

Retail, churches, schools, sports teams, highway messaging and convention centers are just some of the clients who have come to rely on LED digital signs. Now, this technology has become within reach of any business and organization, and CorPro is here to help you enter the LED digital age.