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Indoor Displays & Video Walls

The true future of LED signage is in affordable indoor digital signage. Now, any church, convention center or hospital can transform any space into a dramatic visual experience. Walls can change color, messages updated and infinite graphic design options can suddenly appear anywhere. Indoor LED systems give your space the best visibility, brightness and vivid color, even with indoor light present. With more reliable systems that are easy to program, as well as flexible mounting capabilities, indoor LED signs are now looking great with seamless installation that fits right into any architectural need.

CorPro Signs Video Wall
Digital signage is growing in scope and becoming more affordable. Churches, convention centers, sports venues and retail locations can utilize this amazing marketing tool to transform their spaces.

Great software literally manages complex messages across many displays within your space. For example, one zone can focus on one message while another zone showcases another at the same time. Depending on where the traffic is and what you wish to display, your business or organization can present your brand for maximum impact on your indoor video board. Even create multi-frame messaging with words and images to completely customize your content.

CorPro Signs of Rockford LED signs are of the highest quality, and we work with you to ensure we’re part of your digital marketing team. Call us today at 815 633-1201 to discuss ways to make maximum impact for the best price. Let’s discuss how you can use your digital sign most effectively as well because programming software and options have evolved so they’re more user-friendly while being incredibly powerful.

Retail, churches, schools, sports teams, highway messaging and convention centers are just some of the clients who have come to rely on LED digital signs. Now, this technology has become within reach of any business and organization, and CorPro is here to help you enter the LED digital age.