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Installation And Maintenance

When you have a sign made, it’s essential to plan for how the sign will be installed. CorPro can design and manufacture all types of signs from simple yard signs, up to window and vehicle graphics, and large, illuminated pylon signs with LED digital components. We can also help you with the installation process from planning the City permits, considering the best installation, optimum location, and most sure hardware and fastener systems to use. At CorPro Signs of Rockford we stand by the final product so we work with you to carefully consider the installation of your sign.

In some cases, our customers choose to install their own sign and we will give them the thoroughinstructions and necessary tools or equipment for a safe, enduring installation.

With our 20 years of serving Rockford,Loves Park, Machesney Park and the entire Stateline, CorPro Signs has the equipment, professional installers and boom truck vehicles to install anything large or small. Some of our region’s biggest businesses and institutions rely on our expert installation and maintenance services.

All over Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, there are many communities and cities, and that means a wide variety of ordinances that come to bear on most installations. We’re familiar with the laws and people that come into play when a sign is to be installed. Navigating the permit process requires forms and detailed drawings, and because of the complicated ordinances, it’s not recommended that anyone attempt any installation as a do-it-yourself project. You can trust CorPro to guide you through the process and ensure full compliance.


Signs face the elements and environment, plus they may have parts, such as lighting that require maintenance. A large part of our business is helping Stateline businesses keep their signs in great shape and fine working order. Road grime and general environmental wear and tear affect everything so close to the road, so we offer cleaning and refurbishing services. If your sign is looking like it’s lost its luster, call us and we’ll assess what maintenance would return it your sign to it’s brightest and eye-catching best!

LED Retrofitting

Today, virtually all signs are originally manufactured with efficient LED internal lighting. Gone are ballast-driven fluorescent systems and neon tubes. CorPro of Rockford strongly recommends the long-lasting, efficient and easy-to-maintain LED system. We’re experienced in such retrofits because, once the efficiencies and cost-savings are seen, most businesses want to switch and save.

Contact CorPro Signs of Rockford today for a FREE quote at (815) 633-1201 and more information on our installation and maintenance services.

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