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LED Gas Price Displays

Gas price displays have many feature demands and CorPro has the ability to meet your needs. Whether you want what most stations demand, or if you have unusual requirements, we can work with you to design, install, maintain and operate the perfect price display for you. Price displays should be tough, bright and easy to update. Day or night, you want a clear line of sight that shows your prices clearly up to 200 feet and beyond. There are many options like POS Verification which allows you to set your sign and in-store pricing with one move, instantly.

CorPro LED gas station solutions come fully assembled and ready to plug and play. Front ventilation is great for retrofit situations so they’re quick and affordable. This is a great way to gain efficiencies from new technology and get longer-life LED signage. CorPro’s integrated ventilation doesn’t require any add on kits or cost-prohibitive electrical work. Imagine, using less energy that will pay dividends for years to come on your electric bills.

A high-quality outdoor display will give you peace of mind because they’re fully-encapsulated systems that protect the inner workings from contaminants and rain. You want units that last longer and perform better in the real world, so call CorPro Signs of Rockford for your price watcher gas price displays and upgrades.

Go big and bold with wider strokes and windowless profile. Bright and bold signs can meet zoning requirements while adjusting to day and night requirements for visibility. Control the brightness for an individual number or the whole sign easily with the control panel.

CorPro Signs of Rockford LED signs are of the highest quality, and we work with you to ensure we’re part of your digital marketing team. Call us today at 815 633-1201 to discuss ways to make maximum impact for the best price. Let’s discuss how you can use your digital sign most effectively as well because programming software and options have evolved so they’re more user-friendly while being incredibly powerful.

Retail, churches, schools, sports teams, highway messaging and convention centers are just some of the clients who have come to rely on LED digital signs. Now, this technology has become within reach of any business and organization, and CorPro is here to help you enter the LED digital age.