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Signs work day and night and there’s no better way to compliment the profile of your business when the sun goes down than with an illuminated sign. CorPro Signs of Rockford is proud of our lighted sign capabilities. From design to when you throw the switch, we will work with you to fabricate and install signs that are visually stunning and give you maximum value.

CorPro Signs Rockford lighted sign halo-lit
Halo Lighting places the source of light behind opaque lettering for a dazzling, unforgettable effect

The one-of-a-kind lighted sign designs by CorPro Signs in Rockford, IL can be seen on hospitals, government buildings, schools, campuses, sports and entertainment venues, retail stores, malls, banks all over The Stateline. Whatever your needs, you can count on CorPro for a perfectly tailored solution that will put your brand, literally, in its best light.

For over 20 years CorPro Signs of Rockford has been leading the Stateline in custom business and architectural signs. There are many kinds of lighted signs such as the more traditional cabinets and pole signs, monuments and pylon signs, to dimensional letters and logo signage, lettering, LED, scoreboards, retail store signs and a wide array of digital merchandising point of purchase signs. When the lights go on, these options all give you and your business a chance to shine and make a lasting impression.

Sign Illumination

CorPro Signs business signs like monument or pole signs
Large pole signs are commonly called pylons or monument signs. They can be illuminated externally or, usually, internally with LED systems.

Call on CorPro Signs of Rockford for a free consultation where you can meet with our design team to discuss your needs, budget, local codes, city ordinances as well as any constraints from your landlord or retail center. We will visit your site, conduct a thorough survey and discuss several options that will meet your needs.

Internal Lighting
The most commonly used system for lighted signs is internal lighting, which today is LED tubes, to distribute light. Other types of lighting include neon or florescent systems, although they are rarely used in today’s signs anymore. Internally lighted signs are often found in businesses, retail stores, healthcare centers and other organizations.

Halo Lighting
Another type of lighting is known as halo lighting. A halo-lit sign places the source of illumination behind the letter, which is usually opaque, but sometimes an illuminated channel letter. Halo-lit signs are not as common as those with internal lighting, but they are truly stunning and unforgettable.

External Lighting
An economical choice is to utilize ground-mounted or pot lighting that overhangs the sign, and this system is known as external Lighting. When used properly, not only can this save money, but it can also create a quaint feel. Add visual effects such as color and external lighting can be used to bring interesting effects to a building or sign.

Solar Lighting
In some cases, electricity is not available so it’s necessary to light your businesses or organizations sign with solar power. Sometimes solar-illumination if chosen for its earth-friendly, energy efficiency. Solar panels, along with batteries can team up with efficient LED lighting systems for a green lighting solution.

lighted sign CorPro Signs
There is no limit to design, especially when it comes to lighted signs! Here, you can see how a little color turns a great sign into an unforgettable, dazzling one. New, efficient LED lighting systems are flexible and amazing!

Passive Lighting
Florescent material can catch passing light and Phosphorescent material will store light energy and slowly let it go to “glow in the dark”. Some materials can create highly reflective surfaces, such as aluminum, to play with light and create lighted surfaces. Utilizing light in this way is known as passive lighting. Passive lighting can be very beautiful and super-efficient since it uses the light from passing headlights to allow the sign to keep working in the dark.

Corpro Signs of Rockford gives you a great choice for creativity, knowledge, great fabrication skills and experience to design and make all kinds of signs from simple retail signs to complex architectural signs that utilize light in many creative and fun ways. Our large manufacturing facility on Forest Hills Ct., Loves Park has the space, tools and skilled sign fabricators to make lighted signs to suit your needs. And, once your sign is made, we have to crews and trucks to bring it to you and install it. That’s what our professional team does; we take your project from concept to completion.

If you need a lighted sign for your business or organization please give us a call in Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, Rockton, South Beloit and southern Wisconsin. We often perform installation of lighted signs as far away as Madison, Milwaukee and the western suburbs of Chicago. CorPro Signs can ship lighted sign projects anywhere in the United States. Call us today at (815) 633-1201