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Sign Fabrication

CorPro Signs of Rockford knows you want your signage to be effective and unique. We don’t just design and install amazing signs, we have incredible fabrication abilities as well. Whether you need one large unique sign that is truly demanding to construct, or a large run of embossed, silkscreened metal signs, you can count on CorPro Signs.

Approach your project with the confidence that CorPro can rise to meet the challenges and solve demanding fabrication requirements. For 20 years CorPro has accumulated the expertise, experience and equipment for virtually any sign project imaginable.

So, go ahead and be ambitious, exacting and demanding then call on CorPro Sign to be your partner in your sign project. Our process is tried and true to walk you from concept to satisfaction. Begin with a discussion with our sign professionals including designers, fabricators and installers. All throughout the proceedings you will be fully engaged through open, honest connections, accurate drawings and honored deadlines.

CorPro Signs is proud of our long history of satisfied customers in sign fabrication. One of the things we love about this business is that each day brings exciting challenges. Using our combined skills, machinery and experience, we face and meet challenges every day and love to discover solutions all the time. This is not a boring business, so bring us your imagination and vision for your signage, we enjoy bringing our customers’ ideas to life.

There are, always, new systems and technologies emerging in every industry, and the sign industry has not escaped this. CorPro Signs stays on top of what’s new in our business, and we bring this knowledge to our fabrication abilities. However advanced things become, we never forget that we love the sign business and you come to us for effective and unique signage.

Although this list is not complete, it will give you a great understanding of CorPro Sign’s fabrication abilities:

Acrylic Signs
Acrylic, Lexan Sign Faces
ADA Signs
Awning Signs
Sign Stands
Bar Signs
Blade Signs
Building Signs
Cabinet Signs
Canopy Tents
Cement Sign Bases
Channel Letters
Church Signs
CNC and Laser Cutting and Engraving
Custom Contour Signs
Custom Signs
Die Cut Signs
Digital Imaging
Digital Signs
Dimensional Letters
Dimensional Signs
Electronic Signs
Elevation Signs
Embossed Signs
Engraved Signs

Fabrication Mockups
Foam Sign Monuments
Gas Station Signs
Graphic Design
Hanging Signs
High Density Foam Monuments
Highway Signs
Informational Signs
LED Signs
Lighted Signs
Lobby Signs
Masonry Sign Bases
Menu Boards
Metal Fabrication
Metal Signs
Monument Signs
Office Signs
Plastic Molded Signs
Pole Signs
Portable Signs
Post & Panel Signs
Product Displays
Pylon Signs

Real Estate Signs
Restaurant Signs
Retail Displays
Retail Signs
Sandblasted Signs
School Signs
Sign Electrical
Sign Manufacturing
Sign Pan Faces
Sign Posts
Sign Refurbishing
Sign Sketches
Specialty Architectural Hardware
Sports Scoreboards
Storefront Signs
Trade Show Displays
Tradeshow Booths
Tradeshow Displays and Booths
Tradeshow Exhibits
Traffic Signage
Unbreakable Sign Faces
Vehicle Graphics
Wayfind Signs
Wooden Signs

And many more!

Our Fabrication Process

At CorPro we make many kinds of signs and every one is important as well as unique. Most signs follow standard fabrication, however some signs are complex, highly unique and challenging, and those are the ones we really enjoy making. Many of these signs start in the imaginations of a customer working with our fine designers, then these concepts must move through a process of design, refinement and, ultimately, fabrication and installation.

The CorPro Consultation Process That Runs Along The Fabrication Process

Yes, there will be plastic cut, metal bent and wires run, that’s fabrication but, just as important, is the process where we work with you to get the job done right. When you build a sign with us we’re sure you’ll love the consultation process we have perfected. It starts with us becoming familiar with you and your business. What do you offer, why are you different, how do you want to be thought of, what tone do you want your sign to set?… Next, we want to know all about your logo and branding. We will ask you what the images, style, fonts and colors mean when reflecting your brand. If you don’t have a branding package or logo, we can help with that. As the development unfolds we will visit your location, see where your signs would serve your business best. During the steps we will offer our years of experience so you enjoy the best advantages while avoiding the pitfalls such as city codes, permitting, application fees and JULIE issues. Finally, there are deadlines and budgetary issues to navigate, and we will deliver what you need, when you need it and do so on budget. Before any project is started we ask the right questions, listen, observe and bring our experience to the table, only then a plan is finalized, complete with detailed sketches and fabrication/installation peticulars. Your unique sign will endure for years as it proudly represents your brand so, like you, we want to get every detail just right.

You may be wondering if CorPro services your area or works with officials in your city. We work all throughout Northern Illinois from Rockford, Loves Park and Machesney Park, but service Belvidere, Roscoe, Rockton, South Beloit, Beloit and Freeport as well. CorPro fabricates, installs and maintains signs as far away as Monroe, Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin. We also perform a lot of work in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and south to Dekalb. CorPro will ship our fabricated signs anywhere in the USA.