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You remember them even as a child, time and temperature signs were the first electronic message signs. If you search on the internet for digital sign images, the time and temperature sign is certainly the most photographed digital sign.

People look to these signs in all weather conditions, summer heatwaves or late winter cold snaps making them the go-to sign in the sign industry and part of our culture. Social media is filled with time temperature sign images during extreme weather. As people walk or drive by, they always check the time and temperature, so this information center draws your brand into the public eye like few other signs. Well into their old-age, time and temperature signs attract attention today like they did many decades ago.

Long before digital signs, banks and other businesses would display the time and temperature. To this day, “time/temp” signs can turn your business sign into an institution.

So, what came first, time or temperature? In 1951 when these signs began appearing in America, it was always one or the other. Many institutions, not only banks have taken on this eye-grabbing, traditional sign to increase their brand awareness. But since 2000, the mechanical time and temperature sign has been largely the LED kind with self-contained weather protection instead of plastic covered units. Now, these signs are as strong and popular as ever, and they still have the power to turn your business into a landmark.

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Retail, churches, schools, sports teams, highway messaging and convention centers are just some of the clients who have come to rely on LED digital signs. Now, this technology has become within reach of any business and organization, and CorPro is here to help you enter the LED digital age.